• AgentFloridaRvB

    Bring it on!

    January 17, 2012 by AgentFloridaRvB

    Bring on the stories people!

    Hey everyone! It's me, Agent Florida. I decided to kick off this wiki by doing something new. What better way to kick a wiki off, then to do a contest?

    This contest is a story contest. Write some stories and submit it to this wiki. You may have any title, but you must include the words "For Contest" at the end of your title. Once the contest is over, feel free to edit that off. You may enter up to ten stories to the contest.

    CONTEST RULES: (Just a quick run-through of what I just stated.)

    1. Must submit story to wiki.
    2. Must have "For Contest" at the end of the title.
    3. Must be more than 200 words.
    4. Can only submit 10 stories.

    Yup. Must be more than 200 words. If you think about it though, that's not a lot. I think I've typed …

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  • AgentFloridaRvB

    Just got done uploading Operation: Recovery 001. All of it.

    Tommorow I'll upload Operation Georgia. Upload your own stories!

    Rico,this means you!

    But I also want to see everybody elses work. So get to uploading people!

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